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Kyzen Introduces All-Purpose Metal Cleaner

Kyzen metal cleaner

Kyzen Corp. (, a provider of environmentally responsible precision cleaning chemicals, has developed a new, heavy-duty aqueous high alkaline all-purpose cleaner for metals.

The compay’s Metalnox M6319 is an aqueous blend of detergents, alkalinity builders, conditioners, and organic and inorganic inhibitors designed for heavyduty cleaning of oils, waxes, grease, drawing oils, machining oils, fingerprints, hydraulic fluids, road dirt, carbonized oils, petrolatum and shop dirt. The company said the cleaner is relatively safe to use on most alloys.

M6319 is diluted with water as required to remove the soils involved. Also, the company said to prevent flash rusting of ferrous parts, 1 to 3 percent of M6319 or an inhibitor may be added to all rinse stages.

The cleaner is low foaming, nonphosphated, and is safe on magnesium as well as ferrious and copper alloys. It features trace silicates, prevents flash rust, and has no HAPs, CFCs or SARA 313s. Additionally, M6319 features low-use cost and is low VOC. It can be used in both spray and immersion systems.

M6319 is multimetal safe for use on yellow metals including copper, bronze and brass, some aluminum alloys, iron, steel, and composites in addition to most precious metals, plastics and rubbers. The cleaner is available commercially in one, five and 55 gallon containers.

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