[IMTS Preview] Johnson Gage Features Thread Inspection Systems

Johnson Gage Company

The Johnson Gage Company will feature its full range of Portable or Bench External and Internal Thread Inspection Systems that incorporate functional and pitch diameter size measurements for UN, Metric, NPT, and all other thread forms subject to virtually all thread acceptance standards.

Also shown will be the CHT Thread Inspection System designed for the in-process inspection of large diameter parts featuring an extended range of measurement capability.

Also featured is the “Centrax,” Runout and Concentricity Inspection System for verification of cylindrical runout or concentricity in manufacturing or inspection applications. For medical users, the Thread Inspection System for the verification and in-process control of reverse-angle buttress threads commonly used in anti-splaying medical devices such as orthopedic implants.

Visit IMTS Booth #E-5210

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