Honeywell Launches Safety Switch Line

Honeywell ( has introduced a line of switnches and controls designed to make machinery safer to operate. The Honeywell Safety Solutions Packages are bundled packages of safety switches and safety control modules that provide a ready-made physical protective guarding plan for machine safety. The company said its packages cover the four ISO standard injury risk categories, and reduce the challegest of safety planning.

Honeywell’s new Safety Solutions Package provides solutions for five common safety switch/safety control module configurations in machine protective guard applications including pick and place packaging and assembly equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, plastic molding equipment, woodworking, textile and printing machinery and custom equipment. Honeywell Sensing and Control is a leading manufacturer of electromechanical switches and electronic sensing products, with an extensive range of Safety products for industrial applications. Complete Safety Solutions Packages are available through Honeywell authorized distributors and sales representatives.

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