Guage for Large Crankshafts

Guage for Large Crankshafts

Guage crankshafts

Adcole Corp. ( has developed a new crankshaft gage that accommodates the larger crankshafts of heavy-duty generator sets, off-road construction equipment, and big compressors.

The Adcole Model 1200-4 80-Inch Crankshaft Gage is designed to measure pin journal roundness, cylindricity, straightness, parallelism, diameter, taper, radial run-out, concentricity, and other critical parameters.

It features a robust spindle with in. steel bearings and an 18.1 in. swing diameter. It is designed to handle crankshafts with lengths to 80 in., and weights to 3,000 lbs.

The company said it provides accuracies for roundness of better than a quarter micron (0.25μm) for measuring pin journals. It incorporates a laser interferometer measurement system, and standard features include a 19 in. color monitor with a touchscreen interface, sealed keypad, Windows compatibility, and a structural steel base for optimum stability. It is priced from $395,000.00

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