FKI Logistex Develops Robotic Palletizing System

FKI Logistex Develops Robotic Palletizing System

FKI Logistics palletizing cell

FKI Logistex has developed a new, high-speed robotic palletizing system that is capable of rates in excess of 100 cases per minute.

FKI Logistex ( has developed a high-speed, robotic palletizing cell that uses jointed-arm robots to put products on pallets at rates of more than 100 cases per minute.

The patent-pending FKI Logistex robotic solution includes Motoman EPL-80 robotic arms with FKI Logistex-manufactured end-of-arm tooling to concurrently palletize and depalletize products to a single load location. The loop also features FKI Logistex Accuzone® 24-volt powered roller conveyor that offers zero-pressure, zero-contact product accumulation.

The company said its robotic cell enables manufacturers to achieve higher palletizing rates with a reduced footprint and increased layout configurations compared to other palletizing systems. The robots are designed to provide gentle handling to minimize product damage, and four-way orientation of cases that allows full control of package label positioning. Users are able to display the same graphics on all four sides of the pallet, or orient barcodes to streamline scanning operations.

The company introduced its new palletizing cell in October.

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