Ergonomic Screwdriver Available

Ergonomic Screwdriver Available

PhotoCaption: Bondhus ergonomic screwdriver handle

Bondhus Corp. ( through its German marketing partner, Felo, has introduced a new line of screwdrivers, that have an ergonomic handle.

The company said its patented “Ergonic” handle is the first screwdriver handle that conforms to the user’s hand, to increase comfort while increasing torque transmission capability.

Each screwdriver blade is machined to German standards that results in a longlasting, high-performing screwdriver.

Felo is a leader in the development and manufacture of high quality screwdrivers, which can can be ordered from Bondhus distributors.

Bondhus manufacturers and distributes high quality tools for use in electronics, automotive, hobby and machine tool industries.

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