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CENIT Machine Tool Project Update

More than 60 representatives from Spain’s machine tool companies, universities and technology centers met in early May for an annual review of a fouryear, $47 million program that is designed to improve technologies for the Spanish machine tool industry.

A brief report on the twoyear- old CENIT Machine Tool Project said the program has delivered quantitative and qualitative results in advancing technologies for manufacturing equipment and processes.

The advances targeted for the project include:

A 30 percent reduction of energy consumption for presses, a 72 percent reduction in the use of toluene in the production of machines, and the use of innovative materials in machine tool components.

Designs for machine tools that are aimed at making them more “intelligent,” capable of responding to the voice of the operator and operable from a PDA or the instruction and maintenance manual of which can be projected on to the operator’s spectacles.

The use of laser or ultrasonic devices as substitutes for or complements to conventional processes, and the development of technologies to avoid using large amounts of lubricants, such as dry machining.

And, improvements to precision and production, including reductions in thermal deformation, vibrations or movements of large masses.

Details on the project are available at noticias_asociados-en/ annual-assembly-ofcenit-machine-toolproject/?searchterm=cenit.

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