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Botanical metal

Botanical metal

botanical metal

Cimcool Global Fluids has developed Cimfree Botanical Fluids, a line of environmentally-friendly vegetable-based products for high-speed machining and metalworking operations. The new line offers a variety of products including:

• Cimfree VG-S175. Free of mineral oil and chlorine, is designed to offer good lubricity, is approved for medical alloys, and can be used in Swiss turning machines.

• Cimfree VG-S110P. This blend of vegetable and mineral oils is designed to offer thermal and oxidative stability. It is low-foaming and chlorine free, and is approved for medical alloys.

• Cimfree VG-MF5350. Designed for stamping and drawing applications that require a high level of boundary lubrication, this product allows tight-radius applications. It is easily washed from parts, and its lower viscosity is designed to make application easier.

• Cimfree VG-920M. An economical concentrate that can is designed to replace most semisynthetic mineral oil products for general-purpose use, including ferrous and aluminum applications.

•Cimfree VG-990M. This blend is designed to offer good biological and corrosion control at economical prices.

• Cimfree VG-991M is designed for aluminum wire drawing applications.

• Cimfree VG-901ZH. This blend is designed for good lubricity in heavy-duty machining and grinding operations, and does not contain boron, nonylphenol ethoxylates, ethanolamines or chlorine.

• Cimfree VG-3900H. Designed as a machining fluid, this product reduces manufacturing costs, and offers good lubricity and corrosion control.

• Cimfree VG-703ES. This is a low viscosity fluid for use where minimalflow, fluid delivery applications are required. It is designed to offer good lubricity, cleanliness and corrosion control and is economical because it requires minimal usage.

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