Blast Cabinet Automates Surface Prep

Blast Cabinet Automates Surface Prep

Guyson blast cabinet for automated surface prep

Guyson Corporation ( offers a small-footprint rotary blast machine with a single spindle, multiple blast guns and programmable process routines for repeated surface preparation in work cell manufacturing environments.

The machine has a vertically sliding, front loading door that is opened automatically by a pneumatic cylinder at the completion of the timed blasting and blowoff cycle. The door is provided with a vacuum return catch-tray to retain blast media in the cabinet.

When the machine is to be loaded by a human operator, closing the door and automatic initiation of the process cycle requires holding two pressureless, photosensitive thumb switches.

For unmanned automatic operation, the blast cabinet is designed with automationcompatible controls, so it can be interfaced for loading by a machinetending robot or pickand- place device.

Inside the work chamber, as many as six suction-blast guns are mounted on telescoping adjustable brackets at the proper angles and offsets to ensure uniform coverage of target surfaces.

In many cases, selective or overall treatment can be accomplished with the guns locked in fixed position as the component is rotated at controlled and adjustable speed. The manufacturer also offers programmable motion systems for the blast guns to provide oscillating, linear, multiple-axis or robotic nozzle movement that is synchronized with component rotation.

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