Automated MQL for CNC

Automated MQL for CNC


ITW Rocol North America has combined SpiderCool and Accu- Lube technologies to allow CNC machining center applications to aim the minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) nozzle at the cutting edge of multiple tools of varying lengths without operator intervention.

SpiderCool MQL systems atomize Accu-Lube lubricant within the SpiderCool nozzle assembly. Microdroplets of lubricant are then directed through an extended nozzle tube. A specially designed tip and integrated laser allow the operator to direct the nearly invisible stream of lubricant so that a concentrated spray pattern is accurately applied onto a cutting tool as far as six inches away.

The company said that with these two products it is now possible to realize the advantages of near-dry machining and automated nozzle positioning. Benefits claimed include unattended operations, increased tool life, improved cycle time, better part quality, elimination of coolant disposal, corrosion free machines and improved operator safety, all while promoting a cleaner, healthier environment. Return on investment is typically only a few months on a single shift application.

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