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3DP Industry Expanded 25.9% in 2015, Topping $5 Billion

April 5, 2016
Global market grew by $1 billion for second straight years; 33.8% CAGR over the past three years.   Strong results for additive manufacturing metals AM system suppliers have doubled in five years Wohlers Report 2016 available

The global additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) industry expanded by 25.9% in 2015 (consolidated annual growth rate, CAGR) to a value estimated at $5.165 billion, according to an annual study of the AM/3D printing market by Wohlers Associates Inc. It was the second consecutive year the industry grew in value by more than $1 billion. In its Wohlers Report 2016, the market analysis and consulting group said CAGR for all segments of the AM/3DP over the past three years has been 33.8%.

Over 278,000 desktop 3D printers were sold in 2015, according to Wohlers Associates Inc.

Over the past 27 years, the CAGR for the AM/3DP industry is 26.2%. The annual report presents market analysis based on over 20 years of data from companies in the industry. The new report presents a history of AM/3DP technology, different processes and materials, and applications. The numerous manufacturers of AM/3DP systems are profiled, too.

In addition, the report documents developments in R&D, investment and collaborative activities in government, academia, and industry.

Wohlers collected data for the 2016 report from 51 industrial system manufacturers, 98 service providers, 15 third-party material producers, and many manufacturers of low-cost desktop 3D printers. Contributors include 80 experts in 33 countries.

According to Wohlers Associates’ analysis, the industry’s growth was evident across multiple market segments, in particular additive manufacturing of metal parts. The desktop 3D printer segment also showed impressive growth in the past year.

In 2015, 62 manufacturers sold industrial-grade AM systems (priced over $5,000, according to the report.) That is compared to 49 manufacturers in 2014, and 31 manufacturers offering industrial systems as recently as 2011.

The 335-page Wohlers Report 2016 — with numerous charts, graphs, tables, and over 300 photographs and illustrations — is available for purchase.

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