B&W has $130-Million Order for Nuclear Reactor Parts

May 11, 2012
New installment in Defense Dept. contract for sub, aircraft carrier components

Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Operations Group Inc. has a new contract worth $130 million to manufacture nuclear reactor components for the U.S. Navy’s Virginia-Class submarines. It continues a series of contracts that started in 2010, under which the company has been producing and supplying parts for naval nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers. Earlier this year, the company announced a $600-million installment in an overall $2-billion assignment, a program manufacturing nuclear parts for those defense programs.

B&W NOG is a business unit of Babcock & Wilcox Co. that produces components for U.S. defense programs. Its subsidiary Nuclear Fuel Services Inc. operates a uranium fuel materials production facility to support the U.S. fleet of nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers. It also converts government stockpiles of highly enriched uranium into material suitable for further processing into commercial nuclear reactor fuel.

The company said the submarine nuclear reactor parts will be manufactured over five years at its plant in Lynchburg, Va. That plant is the center for B&W NOG’s Uranium Processing and Research Reactors group, and also produces uranium targets for medical isotopes.

“B&W is pleased to receive this new contract award,” said Peyton S. Baker, president of B&W NOG. “The work will be executed in our Lynchburg facility and highlights the technologically advanced capabilities B&W utilizes to provide high value-added products in support of U.S. defense programs.”

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