New Large-Format Video Measurement Systems

Aug. 2, 2009
Starrett offering increased speed, more accuracy, and affordability.

Precision measuring tools and equipment manufacturer L.S. Starrett Co. has introduced a line of large-format, multi-sensor video measurement systems, capable of 12 to 50 in. of X-Y axes travel (305- to 1,273-mm) and 8 in. (200 mm) of Z axis movement.
Starrett states its Large-Format Series offers increased speed at more than 25 in./second, and accuracy of more than 4 ∝m (157.5 ∝in) to verify critical dimensions on complex, multi-featured parts. Several models are offered with vision, contact probe, and laser scanning attachments, and the systems can be configured to measure in research or QC labs, engineering, or manufacturing operations.

The systems are designed with transports driven by “no-maintenance,” balanced linear motors (versus drives) that are close-looped to precision scales in all three axes. Starrett emphasizes that the motors generate no heat and position to a small fraction of a micron. In addition, the new systems are said to be first in their product category to offer porous carbon air-bearings for quiet, frictionless motion, requiring no lubrication or maintenance and resulting in superb repeatability greater than 3∝m (120∝in) . The systems’ moving axes are center-driven to reduce asymmetric thrust and eliminate the necessity of a separate (slave) scale, for better performance and measuring consistency. For mechanical and thermal stability, the systems include a large granite base and bridge.

“Starrett is clearly at the forefront of technology by incorporating an air-bearing design in the new Large-Format Video Measurement Systems as well as other unique features like a touch probe including a spotter camera,” stated the managing director of Starrett Kinemetric Engineering Division, Mark Arenal. “The new systems offer our customers unmatched speed and accuracy at a cost savings in a high performance multi-sensor metrology solution.”

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