Cortec Introduces a Biodegradable Powder for Wet or Dry Protection

Dec. 21, 2007
Cortec Corporations has developed a biodegradable powder that is designed to inhibit wet or dry corrosion.

The trademarked VpCI 609 Biodegradable Powder is a watersoluble, vapor phase crrosion inhibitor that is designed to provide protection for ferrous metals and aluminum. The compnay said the powder creates a monomolecular inhibiting layer on the metal surface, to provide protection for up to 24 continuous months. It does not contain nitrites or phosphates.

VpCI 609 Biodegradable Powder can be applied in dry form by dusting, fogging, or sprinkling. It also can be applied in aqueous form by spray, brush, flush, or immersion. After application simply cover and seal the interior cavity. Fogging is easily achieved by using a low-pressure air hose and sandblast cup. Large conventional sandblasting systems may also be used.

The powder is to be used at a rate of 0.3-0.5 ounce (8.5-14 grams) per cubic foot (28 liters) of enclosed space (300 g/m3 to 500 g/m3).

The dosage can be increased for more severe conditions, and it can be used at 0.5 percent by weight of water for aqueous applications.

Separately, Cortec Corp. has introduced a corrosion fighting cleaner/degreaser for parts washing.

The company’s trademarked VpCI-418LM is a non-foaming, heavy-duty alkaline cleaner/ degreaser designed for cleaning industrial, oil field, commercial, marine equipment, and parts.

Cortec said ( contains vapor phase corrosion inhibitors to protect metal parts from corrosion after cleaning, and has the ability to remove difficult deposits such as heavy hydrocarbons, greases, drawing and buffing compounds, and mill and machinery oils.

VpCI-418LM is designed for use in power washing machinery, high agitation parts washers, and highpressure spray washers, and is nitritefree, non-toxic, silicate free, and does not present disposal problems. Also, the company said VpCI™-418LM leaves no residual film and will not affect paint adhesion.

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