Short-Cycle, High-Throughput Finished Part Cleaning

April 6, 2011
ZPS offering high-speed vacuum solvent cleaning system
The Pero R1 is described as the “fastest vacuum solvent cleaning unit in its class.”

Cleanliness is next to perfection for components supplied to particular OEM sectors, including aerospace and automotive manufacturing. With ultra short cycle times, outstanding throughput and the highest standards of surface cleaning, the Pero R1 claims to set a new benchmark in component cleaning performance. The R1 is suitable for cleaning any type of machined or formed metal components that can fit into a standard 530×365×250 mm basket; other sizes are available as special order).

The R1’s innovative, and cost-effective vacuum solvent degreasing technology is ideal for machined components; punched, drawn and extruded parts; precision ground products and close-tolerance electro-mechanical items. Aerospace components, engine and automotive parts, as well as heat exchangers and special purpose units are ideal candidates, too.

The part-cleaning system is available in North America through ZPS America Inc.

Developed from its previously successful V1 model, Pero’s R1 incorporates a new vacuum degreasing technology that eliminates emissions and provides maximum solvent utilization, with high-precision components and proven controls to provide unrivalled cleaning performance over a long service life.

On-board condition monitoring and simple text displays provide operators with up-to-the-moment feedback on the unit’s operation. In addition, an intuitive diagnostic program provides fault finding and suggested corrective actions, ensuring maximum equipment availability and minimum downtime costs. Also minimizing downtime is the automatic drainage of contaminants into SafeTainers within the R1’s short maintenance cycle.

The functions of the R1 unit include:
Cleaning: A full range of user-definable components agitation and orientation options are available. Bath, flooding and wave flooding capabilities are available, and the unit is able to achieve high-performance vapor degreasing, too. Optional ultrasonic units are easy to retrofit to a base machine.
Drying: Complete workpiece drying is possible, using low temperature vacuum technology.
Maintenance: Continuous vacuum distillation achieves maximum contaminant removal, and machine downtime is minimized by a rapid maintenance cycle with automatic contaminant drainage.
Filtration: In-line filtration units ensure maximum separation of solids. Each wash unit is equipped with a dedicated filter, and integrated filter drying removes all moisture from filter residue.
Safety: The integral fire- and explosion-safety equipment for organic solvents with flashpoints above 55°C (122°F), and 3-mm stainless steel banded tray, eliminate solvent seepage, ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Wash basket rotation monitoring and integral acid sensor are provided, too.

All Pero units are subjected to rigorous pre-delivery trails — running at normal operating temperatures and cycle conditions — so installation and commissioning at a customer’s site are completed quickly and effectively, enabling the unit to be brought into service with minimal delays.

Due to the vacuum technology these machines comply and exceed the highest environmental standards, so they require no permits. As a result of the vacuum and distillation process, cleaning fluids are continuously recycled and will stay in the machine for up to one year. The oil can be reused in the manufacturing process, too.

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