FOBA Titus™ is the smallest marking head on the market and is made for flexible integration into manufacturing lines.

Full Scope of Laser Marking

Aug. 31, 2022
Automated mark alignment will be demonstrated, along with a compact table-top workstation with a rotary unit for laser marking, as well as high-speed in-line marking with the smallest marking head available.

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving will present three laser marking systems at IMTS 2022 – booth 236024 – and stage two sample marking giveaways: Automated mark alignment with FOBA Mosaic, marking on a tube using a rotary unit, as well as high-speed in-line marking will be presented, in addition to the latest product developments.

Two M-series marking systems, FOBA M1000 and M2000, and FOBA Titus, a laser marking head for line integration especially in restricted spaces, will be available for laser marking live demonstrations. With various functionalities and integrated camera, each laser system offers advantages and can be selected according to the application requirements and the specific metal or plastic substrate characteristics.

The M2000 laser marking workstation to be exhibited will be equipped with FOBA Mosaic to demonstrate automated optical mark alignment on parts that are placed randomly in the marking field.

Another M-series system at IMTS, a compact table-top M1000 workstation, will be used with a rotary unit for circumferential marking on metal drinking straws. Visitors can take the straws home as trade show samples from FOBA.

Anodized, colored aluminum plates will be another marking sample, used to demonstrate the Titus™ marking system. Titus™ is the smallest marking head on the market and enables high-speed, inline processing in manufacturing lines that require much flexibility of integration. Apart from the minimum size of the marking head, it is the simplicity of mounting and a 3- or 10-meter umbilical that contribute to the flexibility of Titus™.

“We are very excited to showcase our solution-based laser technologies at IMTS. We look forward to interacting with our current and prospective customers”, says Jeff Kniptash, FOBA’s Sales Leader Americas.

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