Ferndale Safety
Ferndale Safety next-generation VTL and VBM guarding solutions.

Easy-to-Install Safety Guarding

July 6, 2022
Next-generation vertical turret lathe and vertical boring mill guarding offer modularity and easy assembly, plus protection against entanglement hazards, thrown chips, and coolant splashing.

FERNDALE SAFETY will show its new safety products to visitors to IMTS 2022 – booth 121243 – including guarding systems for vertical turret lathes and vertical boring mills, and electronic brakes for single-phase motors.

A proactive approach to safety guarding prevents injuries, accidents, and the expense of downtime, lost productivity, and fines. Ferndale Safety president Pierre Maheu stressed that if more management-level personnel knew how easy it is to make machinery safer to use with off-the-shelf safety guarding, many worksite accidents would be prevented. As an example, he noted that OSHA fined a Florida company almost $400,000, and the business then accrued unexpected downtime due to the lack of machine guarding.

Ferndale Safety engineers have designed the next-generation VTL and VBM guarding solutions over the last two years. The Ferndale VTL guard offers modularity and easy assembly, with a typical installation time of two hours, while offering protection against entanglement hazards, thrown chips, and coolant splashing.

At IMTS 2022 Ferndale Safety also will show off the new MakeSafe product line of single-phase motor brakes – which can be installed in seconds and provide almost instantaneous stopping on machines like bench grinders and band saws.

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