Fastems' Flexible Pallet Tower FPT, a compact automation solution for APC and no-APC four and five-axis machining centers.

Innovative CNC Automation for High-Mix Manufacturing

May 25, 2022
Fastems is planning a world premiere for a compact automation concept, to help increase machine utilization and promote lights-out production for multi-axis machining centers.

Visitors to FASTEMS LLC at IMTS 2022 – booth 339186 – will see the world premiere of the Flexible Pallet Tower FPT, a compact automation solution for APC and no-APC four and five-axis machining centers with 300- to 630-mm pallets. FPT accommodates up to 24 pallets in 113 square feet and its configurable storage allows for different pallet heights, helping to increase machine tool utilization and lights-out production capacity.

FPT – like all Fastems automation systems – can be integrated with over 90 different machine tool brands.

Fastems also will debut the newest version of Manufacturing Management Software: MMS Version 8 plans, runs, and monitors all Fastems automation systems and integrates with various other software and devices to enable flexible and cost optimized production for any batch size.

The highlight of MMS Version 8 is the new Insights module that gathers and digests production data and turns it to practical productivity-enhancing tips related to machine, tool and fixture usage. Version 8 also offers an easy single-view user interface with drag-and-drop production orders for one-machine pallet systems, EasyRoute feature for introducing new workpieces into production in under 60 seconds, and an automatic Order Generator for recurring orders or maintaining a certain stock level.

Fastems offers a range of robotic solutions for machine tending as well as to handle other value-adding processes in manufacturing, such as measuring, tool management, finishing and deburring – which can be done with Fastems’ new modular Robotic Finishing Cell. These solutions may be used together with Fastems flexible manufacturing systems to achieve consistently high quality and lower unit cost.

To improve the customer value of the automation solutions, Fastems is launching a new myFastems portal providing real-time automation status information, alerts, system and maintenance history as well as easy ways to contact Fastems support. The portal also provides odometry and usage analyses for service interval optimization, and a spare part and maintenance order tool.

In addition, Fastems USA president Nathan Turner will present CNC Machining Automation - Best Practices for Flexibility, Resilience, and Profitability, at IMTS Conference, Wednesday, September 14, 2022, at 10:00 AM in Room W193-A. Turner will describe field-proven ways to produce small, high-mix batches economically by combining the efficiencies of physical movement, process integration, production planning, and employee engagement.

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