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What Can Nanotech Do in Your Machine Shop?

June 10, 2021
Newly available technology for CNC machining operations has advantages for performance, productivity, safety, and environmental impact.

Engineers applying the principles of “nanotechnology” — that is redesigning things at the microscopic level – is leading to improved performance for industrial and other products. Thanks to nanotechnology, Tool-X metalworking fluids can enhance a machine shop’s overall productivity. It can lower the shop’s exposure to chemicals because the nano material replaces many chemicals that comprise a coolant formulation – and increase the fluid’s overall metalworking effectiveness.

This is the third of a series of reports, following:
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Concerning the environmental effects of metalworking chemicals, there is wide concern with their impact on society — but less so on individuals. People that work in manufacturing operations have higher rates of cancers than people who do not work in such places. Could this be due to chemical exposure?

Machine operators are much more exposed to chemicals than people who working in offices. Whether there is a cause-and-effect in this, the experts are out … but over the past 30 years the EPA has made a number of changes to the requirements for water-based coolants.

Cadmium, chrome 3, chrome6, trichloroethylene, chloride, boron, and others have been removed from eligibility over recent decades, in order protect workers from these toxic chemicals.

Chemists working to develop metalworking fluids have a real challenge to make a coolant that works well without using any of these banned or to-be-banned chemicals. Tool-X metalworking fluids solve the problem by using safe nano particles instead of chemistry, resulting in a safer product.

Operators’ safety is a priority. There are just 12 chemicals in the Tool-X formulation, along with a stabilizer and rust preventives. As previously noted, there will be no smells resulting from the coolant because one of the nano particles is included to kill bacteria before it grows. Some Tool-X customers have operated for five years of more without dumping their tanks.

More specifically, there are no cases of dermatitis, nor of skin or eye irritations. The shop operators will never have to use bio-sides to boost the coolant’s effectiveness.

Tool-X has been awarded by diesel engine builder Cummins Inc. for its effectiveness at lowering the plant’s overall chemical footprint.

Tool-X is not a miracle drug, but it is an effective way to help protect workers from chemical exposure, and to improve the performance and environmental impact of machining operations.

Nanotechnology is new and not widely understood – but it is available now, and capable of improving machining operations in multiple important ways.

Tool-X LLC president Jim English is a former GM engineer with experience in chemicals and coatings, adhesives, plating technologies, fasteners, and lubricants.

This is the third of a series of reports. Read part 1, Nanotechnology in the Machine Shop; and part 2, Applying Nanotech to CNC Machining

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