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Digital Experience is a Lasting Impression

Jan. 19, 2021
Experience trains your customers what to expect from your business – and that starts with their digital brand experience.

Trustworthiness is built on consistency -- and that includes your digital brand consistency. Your website trains customers and potential customers on what to expect from you and your business; Being consistent on your website builds your trust factor for potential customers. Trustworthiness is important because people (customers) buy from people (businesses) they know, like, and trust.

In our digital age, your website is so more than an online brochure. Often, it is the first experience potential customers will have with your company. It may even be the primary way that your business “trains” potential customers on what to expect when they become your customer. And, it is also where your business showcases the ability to solve customers’ problems and provide solutions.

Is your website making the impression that you’d want your company to create?

One way to begin to find out the answer to your website’s first impression is simply to look at your website as if you have never seen it before. Start by clearing your cache or opening a new browser. Then, look at it as if you are a potential customer with the kind of issue your company typically solves.

Check how the site loads to your screen or device. Does the site load quickly? Is the website mobile-friendly? Think how a potential buyer could interpret what they are seeing. If the site is slow to load or not mobile-friendly, could that also mean your company hasn’t embraced the latest technology in ERP or automation, and is inefficient (read, expensive)?

The way people navigate through your website teaches them what to expect from your business. Review the experience of what they see on your site, from the menu down. The menu flow itself says a lot about who you are trying to attract to the website. Does the site lead with capabilities or careers? Might a potential customer interpret a “careers” lead as you have staffing issues?

Does your website’s menu system lead logically to helpful information? Does the menu itself have a reasonable flow? Is the menu grouped by like products or services?

Example 1: If you have an “About“ menu item, does that area include other items of potential interest, such as company history, news about the company, and management profiles?

Example 2: If you have a “Careers“ menu item, does that menu header lead to other, related things one might be interested in: application, shift hours, benefits list?

Does the site clearly state why working with your company benefits potential customers -- whether speed of production, quality assurance, ability to meet production run size or something else? This benefits statement could include pages dedicated to certifications and quality; pages showcasing products you make; listing the tolerances or material you build with; or highlighting the types of equipment used.

Review your website visuals. Do you have imagery of the industries the company serves? Do you have imagery of your production line? Do you have imagery of finished products showcasing what you can produce? Is your imagery up to date or does it look dated? (Dated images need not be discarded. They may be better “homed” in a timeline of product highlights through the years, or even on the History page.)

The experience of using the site to build trust includes how well the site showcases your company’s professionalism and attention to detail. Are there misspellings? Are standardized industry terms used? Are the layouts consistent or is the experience different per page or on different pages? Do the pages have similar amounts of data or is there rich information on some pages and almost none on others? Are links on your website broken?

The consistency of your digital platforms, and your website is likely to be your main digital platform, is a primary driver of your brand’s presence. It is part of how potential customers perceive your brand and factors into if they trust your company to provide the solution they need. Make sure your website represents the most trustworthy and consistent experience of your brand.

Alexandria Trusov is the Director of Marketing at Euthenia Manufacturing Group and a B2B marketing consultant to manufacturers and other B2B companies.  Contact her at [email protected] or visit www.truinsightsconsulting.com.

About the Author

Alexandria Trusov | Marketing Consultant

Alexandria Trusov is the Global Marketing Director at Alpha Resources and a B2B marketing consultant to manufacturers and other B2B companies. Contact her at:  www.truinsightsconsulting.com or visit [email protected]