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Customized Solutions for Material Handling in Metalworking Industries

March 30, 2020
Mold, tooling and die makers must address achieve adaptability and flexibility for onsite transportation, improving plant logistics to maintain competitiveness in difficult markets.

Recent advances in material handling flexibility and innovation present an unmatched flexibility for U.S. metalworking operations to compete with the technical capabilities of standard, in-house logistics. Embracing some of the latest technologies and processes, advanced customization of material handling equipment is one of the main trends shaping key industries like aerospace, the automotive sector, and industrial machinery and machine tools.

Regarding in-house material transportation, in recent years die and moldmaking industries have required increasingly flexible solutions to avoid further decline, while automotive tool-and-die shops slowdown are looking for healthy solutions to recover. The current state of the automotive tooling industry requires tailored solutions, adopting effective technology and equipment in modern plants. Customization of material handling equipment, robotized logistics and smart transportation remain of prevailing trends for these industries in the near-term.

Among global companies offering flexible customization of material handling equipment it is difficult to identify world-renown brand and market leaders. This particular niche is occupied by companies that have pioneered manufacturing of customized equipment in local markets. One such company is Morello Giovanni, based in Italy and named after its founder. Morello specially designed the SGAI and OMNI battery-powered die transfer carts to solve problems for tool, die and mold-industry handling.

Morello manufactures and customizes material handling equipment that offers modern alternatives to cranes and similar traditional equipment found in metalworking, fuel, energy and automotive manufacturing sectors. Manufacturing customized solutions for specific applications in metalworking industry is one of Morello key expertise.

The SGAI and OMNI battery-powered trolleys on wheels can rotate a heavy die, mold, motor, or any other heavy-duty and non-standard industrial item at 360 degrees. This feature is very important when long dies or molds have to be transported through narrow aisles. The SGAI series is a universal customizable solution for high-precision material handling, and OMNI models with omnidirectional steering will suit a wide range of payload and maneuverability needs.

Extended customization in design and technical specification includes dimensions, payload, battery life, superstructures and modular features. Support for IECEx and ATEX explosion-proof standards delivers excellence in most severe environments. Control over equipment is performed thanks to a wired or wireless push-button control panel in the driver cabin, or AGV solutions of various size and complexity. Traction control using electronics, the possibility of using cart combinations as well as full range of scanners and sensors, along with in-depth customization features make SGAI and OMNI optimal for handling dies, tools and mold-industry transportation.

With the current metalworking industry changing so rapidly, it is imperative for the tool and dies sector to start dealing with the slowdown today. Adaptation and flexibility in onsite transportation is one of the main solutions to reshape internal logistics and counteract decline with modern technologies.

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