Air-powered Vacuum Disc Sanders

Air-powered Vacuum Disc Sanders

Air-powered VacuumDynabrade, Inc. ( has introduced a new series of 3 in. diameter vacuum disc sanders designed for the removal of coatings and for other applications in which the capture of contaminants and ground materials are required.

The new tool line features a.4 hp air motor for smooth, controlled sanding, and has a unique vacuum shroud that diverts dust and debris to the vacuum source. The right-angle design of the tool features a rubber over-mold on the housing for smooth operation and less vibration to the operator.

Thes15,000-RPM disc sanders power 3 in. diameter abrasive discs for efficient material removal on non-ferrous surfaces such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, painted aluminum and other surfaces.

As the tool sands, the flexible vacuum shroud captures dust, debris and contaminants to the vacuum source to ensure a cleaner, safer workplace.

The tools are available as a self generated vacuum model, or as a central vacuum model.

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