Air-conditioner dust covers

Air-conditioner dust covers

Air-conditioner dust covers prevent dust from reaching wallmounted air conditioners. The covers are part of the company's dust-filter family, which is designed to stop dust from reaching fan-cooled electronic devices.

Air-conditioner dust covers prevent dust from reaching wallmounted air conditioners. The covers are part of the company's dust-filter family, which is designed to stop dust from reaching fan-cooled electronic devices.

Dirt Bag Inc.
Calumet, Mich.

Sweeping, cleaning, and painting

Anderson's maintenance brushes include brooms, cleaning, and painting brushes. The flagged-tip brooms pick up everything from fine dust to dirt. The brushes include scrub, vehicle, squeegee, utility, and scratch. Paint brushes handle any type of paint or coating, as well as lubricants and adhesives.

Anderson Products
Worcester, Mass.

Stanchions add versatility

Quick Clamp stanchions include single or double shaft bases, blank or predrilled mounting plates, and single or double mounting blocks with 1, 1.5, and 2-in. bores. Stanchions add an adjustable fourth or fifth axis to T-slotted frames and precise positioning of scanning devices, actuators, photo sensors, and light sources.

80/20 Inc.
Columbia City, Ind.

Universal carriers offer flexible solutions

Remstar's universal carousel carriers, offered in different heights, widths, and depths, let vertical carousels adapt to changing metalworking storage/retrieval needs — they reconfigure to hold a variety of containers. Additional shelves are offered. Vertically arranged rotating carriers bring the stored items within easy reach of the user.

Remstar International Inc.
Westbrook, Maine

Storage/retrievalsystem software

FastPick Systems' FastPick Parts Locator software boosts metalworking storage/retrieval-system operators' efficiency. Installation Wizard software creates a basic parts inventory by stockkeeping-unit (SKU) number and quantity. The Windowsbased software supports TCP/IP network, is SQL/OBDC enabled, and includes a standard interface protocol, which acts as a plug-and-play link between the workstation and host system.

FastPic Systems

Expanded lockout line

Master Lock's spark resistant aluminum, pry-resistant, hinge-style steel, and nonconductive plastic hasps work with the company's laminated steel, aluminum, or xenoy lockout padlocks.The hasps are offered in different styles, such as the No. 416, which features a 1-in.-diameter jaw and accepts up to six padlocks, and the No. 429, which has 1 and 1/2-in. diameter jaws and accepts up to eight padlocks.

Master Lock Co.
Oak Creek, Wis.

Lathes polish and deburr

Twister speed lathes LT-1BR and LT-2AR have 1/2-hp motors and spindles that operate up to 2,600 rpm for polishing and deburring. The models have "no hesitation" forward/reverse switching, regenerative speed control, fast speed and direction changes, and low-voltage switching.

Rovi Products Inc.
Simi Valley, Calif.

VMC uses gearless technology

The Duracenter 5 VMC uses direct-drive spindlemotor (DDS) gearless technology that applies full power at all speeds. A No. 40-taper spindle reaches 12,000 rpm in 1.1 sec, and the automatic tool changer's tool-to-tool time is 1 sec. The machine's rapidtraverse rate is 945 ipm on all axes, and a 43.3 3 23.6-in. worktable handles workpieces up to 1,760 lbs.

Mori Seiki USA Inc.

Router features large work area

The MaxiMiser router's work envelope is 60 3 98 3 7 in. Its 60,000-rpm spindle handles feedrates up to 1,000 ipm for tooling 0.25 in. or less cutting large workpieces or blanks for batch machining and lights-out production. A steel base and granite table dampen vibration, and a coordinate system and X, Y, Z probing reportedly guarantee repeatability to ±0.00197 in.

Datron Dynamics Inc.
Milford, N.H.

CNC machine tools

Dean, Smith & Grace's Type 1508Ci and Type 1508Di lathes feature 15-kW spindle-drive motors with variable-speed to 3,000/4,500 rpm. Standard equipment includes a Siemens 840 control, digital axis, 12-station Sauter autoindexing-turret, and 9.84-in. diameter three-jaw chuck.

DSG Lathes Ltd.
Keighley, U.K.

Machines tackle complex contours

DS Technology's Ecospeed F HT five-axis machining centers provide high chip-removal rates, accuracy, and acceleration/deceleration in all axes, as well as eliminate fettling, polishing, and deburring. The Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machining head, with a variable-spindleunit platform and a static column, handles the movements of the rotational axes and Z-axis and reaches 1 G of acceleration.

DS Technology (USA) Inc.

Upgradeable VMC

For upgrading, the 2443VMC has a fourth axis, coolant-through spindle, and spindle-oil cooler prep. Its 49 3 26-in. table accommodates workpieces up to 2,200 lb. The machines have 20-hp, 10,000-rpm cartridge-type spindles with air-purge systems and 5-nozzle, ring-type coolant systems.

Chevalier Machinery Inc.

Low-cost drilling

EcoMax drilling units measure 3.54-in. wide and reportedly perform like morecostly units in minimal space. They are suitable for low-tolerance drilling of bolt holes and plastics. Hardened and polished quills and dual ball bearings provide quiet, smooth spindle rotation. These drills include hydraulic feed-control cylinders, PNP proximity sensors, forward and retract air fittings, and Poly-Vbelt transmissions.

Somex Corp.
Rome, Ga.

Machines tackle simultaneous cutting

Intertech's Fast Cut Model FC-SB10 CNC machines feature two axis turrets and two collet spindles driven in the center by a servomotor, so different cutting operations occur simultaneously on both ends of cylindrical parts. With a center-drive machine, parts are machined in one chucking or clamping for high concentricity. Fanuc produces the machines' controls and drives. Tailstocks and spindle extensions let the machines create parts 3 to 19-in. long. Standard spindle speeds are 30 to 4,000 rpm.

Intertech Worldwide Corp.
East Hampton, Conn.

Punch press tooling

Mate Precision Tooling's Mate EasyTap produces precisely located, threaded holes on punch presses at high speeds automatically and with repeatable quality. Secondary tapping by hand or adjacent machines is not needed. Prepunched or extruded holes are produced in most materials, including stainless and mild steel and aluminum. The tooling uses standard taps and Bilz collets to produce holes.

Mate Precision Tooling
Anoka, Minn.

CNC universal grinding machine

Zeus M universal grinding machines combine cylindrical, nonround, plunge, and high-speed peel grinding. They feature grinding lengths up to 37.40 in., maximum diameters of 16.92 in., and center heights to 8.66 in.

United Grinding Technologies Inc.
Miamisburg, Ohi

Quick-change tool/cutter grinder

The TX7 CNC production toolandcutter grinder from ANCA features a 24-hp, 10,000-rpm spindle, automatic wheel changer, optional autoloading system, 3,000-rpm headstock, and direct-drive 3,000-rpm workhead (A-axis). A complete changeover of wheel pack, coolant system, workholding collet, and pallet is done in less than three min. The workhead lets operators do cylindrical grinding without changing setups and grind step or taper blanks to the final tool. O.D. grinding of reamers and drills is also possible.

Farmington Hills, Mich.

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