13 Ways to Save Time and Cost by Using Machine-Ready Blanks

Here are a baker’s dozen benefits that can be gained by using pre-cut blanks in machine shops:

  • The in-house preparation of raw material is eliminated.
  • Machine-ready blanks do not need to be squared like sawed blanks.
  • Dimensional, flatness, parallelism, and squareness tolerances can be guaranteed by the supplier.
  • Secondary operations and fixtures are not needed.
  • End mill taper issues are eliminated.
  • Labor requirements are reduced substantially.
  • With the elimination of prep time, set-up time can be minimized.
  • Machine-ready blanks can be loaded directly into the CNC machine.
  • Machining cycle times can be reduced.
  • Machine-ready blanks can be ground and/or milled two sides at a time versus typical inhouse milling operation of one side at a time.
  • Operator and machine throughput levels and operational efficiencies can be increased.
  • The reduction of set-up and cycle times free operators and machines for more production without requiring an increase in labor or more machines.
  • Overall part costs are reduced by 15 percent or more.

This list of benefits was recommended by TCI Precision Metals (http://www.tciprecision.com)

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