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Sikorsky / Boeing >1 DEFIANT drawing Sikorsky / Boeing
A concept image of the SB>1 DEFIANT™, being developed for the U.S. Army's joint multi-role technology demonstration program. It reportedly flies at twice the speed and range of today's conventional helicopters, with advanced agility and maneuverability.

CPI Aerostructures in New Sikorsky Contract

Work on structural assemblies to begin immediately, running through 2021.

CPI Aerostructures Inc. drew a contract from Sikorsky worth approximately $1 million to manufacture a structural assembly used in the interior of helicopters. Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a Lockheed Martin Co. subsidiary, did not indicate which of its current or prototype helicopter designs are covered by the work order.

Sikorsky’s major helicopter programs now include the U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopter and U.S. Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion and U.S. Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon heavy-lift aircraft, used to transport heavy material and supplies. It also is one of the developers (with Boeing Co.) of the SB>1 DEFIANT, a fully integrated aircraft for U.S. Army attack and assault missions, and for the U.S. Marine Corps’ long-range transportation, infiltration and resupply missions.

Work on the new structural assemblies will begin immediately, CPI Aero stated, with first delivery in early 2019. The contract is expected to run through 2021.

CPI Aero is a New York-based manufacturer of structural assemblies for fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, and airborne Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance pod systems, for commercial aerospace and defense markets.

“CPI Aero, our management team and employees are very honored to have been selected to be a supplier on this program, our first contract for this aircraft. With more than a decade manufacturing critical structures and systems for Sikorsky helicopters, this award underscores our strong reputation for quality and performance,” stated Douglas McCrosson, president and CEO.

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