Flowserve will engineer and supply a total of 28 pumps for the Sabah Shell Petroleum project, including four variable-speed drive barrel pumps in duplex stainless steel; six vertical, multistage pumps; six submersible pumps in super duplex materials; and six single-stage process pumps.

Flowserve Wins Contract for Customized Pumps for Offshore Project

March 6, 2014
Drilling, production, processing machinery Platform 110 km offshore, 500 m deep 60,000 barrels/day of oil, 1.4 million cu3m/day of gas

Flowserve Corporation reported it has logged a series of orders to supply custom-designed water-injection and liquid-transfer pumps for Sabah Shell Petroleum Company`s Malikai oilfield project, off the coast of Malaysia. The contracts, secured in 2013, also cover supply of pumps for seawater lift, firewater, drain caisson, flare knockout drum, circulation, and sump services.

Dallas-based Flowserve is an integrated manufacturer of fluid motion and control products, including engineered and industrial pumps, seals and valves, as well as a range of related flow-management services.

Technip, a construction engineering group, was awarded a contract as part of a joint-venture to engineer and build a tension leg platform (TLP) for Sabah Shell’s TLP Malikai Deepwater Project. This will be a fully manned platform, to be installed 110 km offshore at a water depth of approximately 500 meters. The TLP will weigh approximately 26,000 metric tons, incorporating topsides and a hull.

The "topsides" will consist of surface installations for drilling and/or production, and/or processing of offshore hydrocarbons. It will able to process 60,000 barrels/day of oil and 1.4 million cu3m/day of gas.

The tendons will be fabricated in the U.S., and transported to Malaysia for installation at the Malikai field.

Flowserve will engineer and supply four variable-speed drive barrel pumps in super duplex stainless steel construction: Two WIK (BB5) multistage, double-case diffuser pumps will supply high-pressure deoxygenated water for well injection; and a pair of HSO (BB5) multistage, double-case volute pumps will transport the crude from the field to the KBB processing facility.

In addition, Flowserve will supply six WUC (VS6) vertical, double case, multistage pumps, six Pleuger submersible pumps in super duplex materials and six HPX (OH2) single stage API process pumps for various process services.

All of the Flowserve pumps will be installed with Flowserve seals and sealing systems to maximize reliability and help ensure the integrity of the pumping systems.

"Flowserve is proud to continue its long term relationship with Shell in the upstream market, especially offshore applications," stated Flowserve’s president of sales activity, Jim Quain.

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