GE is marking 10 years of activity in the wind industry this year, and has installed over 18,000 turbines worldwide, generating 28 gigawatts of power annually. GE's 2.5-MW series wind turbine platform has been updated lately to a wider range of site applications by the introduction of the 2.75-103 wind turbine for IEC Class III. It features electrical system uprates and GE's 50.2-meter proprietary blade design that offers a 9%+ AEP increase over the 2.5-100.

GE Supplying +50,000 MW of Wind Power for Mexican Project

Aug. 5, 2012
•    Wind farm to supply electricity for public lighting in Santa Catarina •    An electrical system uprate over the previous model •    A proprietary 50.2-meter blade design

GE Energy has an order for eight of its 2.75-MW wind turbines from a Mexican hydroelectric utility. The installation will generate over 50,000-MW/year for Comexhidro, a Mexican hydroelectric company that is leading the construction and will operate the wind farm to supply electricity for public lighting in the city of Santa Catarina, Nuevo León.

The value of the supply was not reported. Conduit Capital Partners, a private equity fund, is also an investor in the project.

GE notes that its 2.75-MW series wind turbines represent an electrical system uprate over the previous, 2.5-MW model, and a proprietary 50.2-meter blade design that offers a 9%+ AEP increase over the previous version. The improvements make the 2.75-MW platform available for a wider range of site applications.

"Through the perfect combination of GE’s technology and innovative solutions, combined with our local knowledge and experience of the grid, we will be able to offer important environmental benefits and a technological solution to meet the needs of the community for an efficient and sustainable energy supply," stated Comexhidro general manager Carlos Jinich.

The Mexican Wind Energy Association estimates the country’s wind energy potential at more than 50,000 MW.

"This project is a breakthrough for the country. It supports the government’s commitment to increase investment in research and infrastructure and encourage private investors to produce clean energy and help reverse the effects of climate change,” according to Héctor Villegas, sales director of GE’s renewable energy business in Mexico. “This strategic vision coincides with the strong commitment of GE in innovative solutions that solve today's environmental challenges and benefit society.”

GE has more than 18,000 wind turbines installed worldwide, generating 28 gigawatts of electric power.

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