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Second USAF Order for New Sikorsky Helicopter

Feb. 28, 2020

Sikorsky has a new U.S. Air Force contract to build 12 more HH-60W combat rescue helicopters (CRH) as a result of several program milestones in the past year, including the first flight. The Low Rate-Initial Production, Lot 2 contract is valued at more than $500 million, according to an announcement by Sikorsky's parent company, Lockheed Martin.

The HH-60W, or "Whiskey", is an all-new variant of the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk twin-engine helicopter, designed for combat search-and-rescue and personnel-recovery operations for all U.S. military services and allies. According to Sikorsky, the Whiskey will expand the Black Hawk’s versatility by doubling the internal fuel capacity without auxiliary fuel tanks, incorporate a weapons suite and more interior cabin space, and integrates defensive systems and sensors to provide a combination of range and survivability.

USAF issued the first LRIP or 10 aircraft in 2018, anticipating a total of 113 helicopters over a 10-year period.

Following the HH-60W's first flight last May, the USAF issued its Milestone C decision in September, signaling that all the program's defined and agreed objectives have been met.

"This second contract award demonstrates the confidence the U.S. Air Force has in Sikorsky's proven ability to deliver and support the next generation combat search and rescue helicopter," said Greg Hames, Sikorsky's CRH program director.

Currently seven CRH aircraft are in flight and all the aircraft are engaged in expanded flight tests, to support the path forward to Required Assets Available (RAA), which is expected later this year.

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