Automatic Loading System for Cylindrical Grinding

Nov. 17, 2022
The uniLoad system emphasizes universality and speed for external grinding machines, allowing the operators to increase product quality and productivity, with no special programming requirements.

A new cylindrical grinding innovation from STUDER, the uniLoad automatic loading system, emphasizes universality and speed for S31 and S33 external grinding machines, allowing the operators to increase product quality and productivity. Due to intuitive controls, the uniLoad system also is easy to operate - with no requirement for special programming training.

The control was developed by Wenger Automation and continues the Studer operating philosophy. The user only needs to know the dimension and weight of the workpiece in order to use the loading system. The set-up wizard then guides the user conveniently through the necessary steps to start the grinding program.

The uniLoad system is based on a linear portal cell with two parallel grippers and is suitable for shaft components up to a length of 350 mm (13.8 in.) and a diameter of 100 mm (3.9 in.), so it covers a large proportion of the component ranges produced on the Studer machines. The parts are supplied via a standardized, adjustable V-belt. The housing for the base module, which is provided with a loading hatch as standard, has been adapted to suit the machine design and enables safe and clean operation of the system.

Equipped with a Siemens Simotion control, gripper with quick change jaws and an intuitive 15-inch operating panel.

Currently, uniLoad is suitable for distances between centers of 650 mm (25.6 in.) and 1000 mm (39.4 in.) The loading system is docked onto the machine and, with the racks at full capacity, allows automated processing of around one hour. In the case of workpieces with an external diameter of 34 mm (1.3 in.) and a gripper diameter of 22 mm (0.9 in.), 50 parts can be loaded automatically.

The look of the loading system is reflected in the aesthetic design of the machine, according to Studer, and as a standard product it allows quick response and delivery times. Customized solutions are possible, too. In addition, uniLoad is expandable so future requirements can also be met.

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