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The new FMB Turbo 3-38 bar feeder for sliding headstock CNC lathes.

New Bar Feeder for Sliding Headstock Lathes

Nov. 16, 2023
A patented design that fully supports the bar pusher and stock from inside the bar feeder all the way into the lathe spindle, providing bar stability and improving RPM performance.

EDGE TECHNOLOGIES has introduced a new version of the FMB Turbo 3-38 for sliding headstock CNC lathes that features the new RS (Revolutionary Sliding) technology. This patented design is the first in the industry to fully support the bar pusher and stock from inside the bar feeder all the way into the lathe spindle.

“We are thrilled to add the FMB Turbo 3-38 RS, which we have dubbed the ‘gamechanger,’ to our line of bar feeders,” stated Edge Technologies president Kevin Meehan. “The patented sliding guide module represents a significant advancement in providing superior bar stability and RPM performance.”

The FMB Turbo 3-38 RS will be “game changing,” according to the developer, “especially for Swiss lathes with longer Z-axis strokes, demanding applications such as non-guide bushing mode, and challenging materials and profiled stock.”

The integrated and oiled sliding guide module and moving steady rest provide superior bar pusher and stock support in the transition zone between the bar feeder and lathe spindle.

FMB’s RS technology eliminates the need for telescopic noses, extended pushers, and Z-axis axial track, all of which were accessories designed to minimize the gap between the bar feeder and lathe. The new patented design reduces vibration and significantly boosts maximum RPM.

Already recognized for its ultra rigid extruded base and advanced performance characteristics, the Turbo 3-38 RS takes the model to a whole new level of performance that will help manufacturers achieve faster cycle times, better surface finishes, and tighter tolerances.

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