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The Hamar Laser Instruments L-703SP compact geometry, laser-based calibration system.

Surface Plate Calibration System

Oct. 26, 2023
Fast and highly repeatable geometry laser system reduces calibration time and offers very high resolution, plus accuracy.

HAMAR LASER INSTRUMENTS INC. released its L-703SP Surface Plate Calibration System, a compact geometry laser-based calibration system that is highly repeatable, offers extremely high resolution and accuracy, easy setup and training, and fast data collection. R&D and field testing have shown that the system significantly reduces the time for calibrating surface plates by 30-60% versus conventional methods.

The L-703SP is 30 to 40% faster than electronic levels, more rugged and reliable, and more repeatable from one tech to the next. In addition, the L-703SP is set up directly on surface plates, so each line segment setup is much easier than autocollimators and laser interferometers, which require floor mounting and touchy setups. This results in 50-60% faster plate calibrations and, unlike these devices, does not require re-taking data if the laser beam is broken.

The system uses the newly designed L-703S spindle and straightness laser and T-1297 three-axis wireless straightness target. Compact and lightweight, the new laser is ideal for high-resolution straightness applications, such as surface plates, machine-tool guideways, and spindle axes. The T-1297 target features a super-linear, 2-axis PSD (Position-Sensitive Detector) with resolution of 10 μ-in. (0.25 μm) and mechanical repeatability of ±10 μin. (±0.25 μm).

The L-703SP features Windows-based Plane6 surface plate calibration software, which offers an easy-to-follow, three-step calibration procedure and built-in tolerance table that speeds setup and data-taking, and generates a full-color report.

The system also includes the A-703SP-LM laser mounting fixture, A-703SP-SE straight edge and ruler, A-1297-SP high-accuracy flatness-measuring base, and A-703SP-SE-CLT corner and mid-point locating tool. The laser and target are powered by Li-Ion rechargeable batteries with 14+ hours of life and use Bluetooth wireless communication.

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