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An rotary electric motor with a PCB stator in place.

Fully Integrated Electric Motor Controller for IE5 Efficiency

Oct. 19, 2023
The developer of PCB stator technology and the CAD for designing them introduced a customizable controller – making it possible to implement a fully optimized motor system to maximize electrical energy savings.

ECM PCB STATOR TECH is expanding its portfolio for manufacturers seeking to enhance their machinery’s electric power performance, introducing a fully integrated electric-motor controller it reports is “fully customizable” and capable of expanding system efficiency.The 5-kW Unum Potentia motor controller was developed to maximize the benefits of ECM’s PrintStator technology and PrintStator Motor CAD platform, which the Boston-based startup introduced in an exclusive release late last year.

Stators are stationary components of a rotary motor that transfer electric energy through the controller to the motor shaft, defining its speed and torque. While conventional stators are comprised of coiled wire, which generate heat and absorb the stress of the operation, ECM PCB Stator Technology’s innovation is to replace the copper windings with a much lighter, printed circuit board – applying the concept that engineers frequently use to link individual components of electrical systems.

Now, according to ECM PCB Stator, the Unum Potentia controller achieves a measured efficiency of 98 percent, and machines incorporating its PCB stators and the controller are capable of achieving IE5 standard performance, the highest energy-efficiency rating for variable-speed motors.

“The unit efficiency of this ECM controller is what’s driving greater overall system efficiency,” explained ECM PCB Stator chief executive Brian Casey. “With a near 100-percent efficient controller—versus one in the 80s or low 90s—you’re drawing less system energy to compensate for an inefficient controller.”

The Unum Potentia controller also advances the form factor and design optimization capabilities of PrintStator Motor CAD, the companion software platform for developing PCB Stators.

The new motor controller is customizable via PrintStator and, according to the developer, it is structurally and thermally integrated to the resulting motor housing.

Together, the controller and the PrintStator CAD make it possible to develop a fully optimized motor system. The software can define motor-tuning parameters and code that as programmable data for the controller, to achieve what ECM describes as “plug and play" capability.

ECM said the new motor controller will be available to PrintStator SaaS clients (and partners working with ECM to optimize PCB Stator electric motor systems) at a fraction of the cost of controllers that support similar electric motor kW ranges.

“With this controller, ECM customers will now have the ability to pursue fully integrated design on our PrintStator platform. Not only can you customize and optimize your PCB Stator motor, you can now design a drive-controller perfectly tuned to your full electric system,” said Brian Casey.

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