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Aug. 31, 2023
Customers can purchase robots, source and buy spare parts, manage their assets, and access training materials and cloud-based software – at any time, from anywhere.

KUKA ROBOTICS launched an expanded version of its digital customer platform – my.KUKA – offering its automation customers more features and convenience, including a single online registration for purchasing robots, sourcing and buying spare parts, managing their KUKA assets, and accessing training materials and cloud-based software.

Customers can source and purchase new robots directly through the KUKA Marketplace at my.KUKA.com. Basic product information is available without logging in, so even prospective users can view a product overview and details including payloads, reach, mounting positions, motion range, speeds and typical applications. For registered users, the system assists in matching applications and processes with a selection of appropriate robots, including the LBR iisy. Once customers find the right robots, they can order them directly through my.KUKA.

Customers can also select spare parts, check availability and order and purchase them online. From cables and controllers to teach pendants and standalone accessories, my.KUKA offers a wide array of components. The entire shopping process – from product selection and configuration through checkout – provides an experience similar to consumer retail sites. Navigation, design and functionality combine for a cohesive Marketplace experience.

Registered users of the platform can enter product data about each of their robots directly into the system. This asset=tracking process centralizes information about each of the customer's KUKA robots, and makes it easy to find and order the right parts for each product. The KUKA Parts-Finder system automatically displays itemized applicable spares for each registered robot.

The my.KUKA platform also helps customers track and manage software packages and licenses. Once they log in, they see exactly which software products and versions they have licensed and on how many systems they can install their software.

Along with technical information and product support, my.KUKA also links directly to KUKA training resources, including the my.KUKA getting started resources, with videos and presentations that cover all aspects of the platform. From login and registration to an overview of the Marketplace, robot configurator, order process and parts finder, these resources introduce new users to my.KUKA and give existing customers a tour of new platform features.

Learn more at my.kuka.com

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