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Allied Machine and Engineering threaded lathe sleeves.

Threaded Sleeves for Older Lathes

July 12, 2023
For machines that cannot deliver coolant through-the-turret, standard threaded sleeves offer a way to introduce advanced techniques and achieve more advanced drilling operations.

ALLIED MACHINE AND ENGINEERING, a manufacturer of holemaking and finishing cutting tools for metalcutting operations, introduced threaded lathe sleeves as a stocked-standard way to introduce coolant to newer style holders without rear pipe taps. The new sleeves are for use on machines that do not have the capability to run through-the-turret coolant – and are described as “ideal” for smaller job shops using aging lathes.

In an effort to bring new age drilling technologies to aging machines where high-speed drilling has not been an option, Allied Machine’s goal is to make new cutting tool advancements more accessible. Among general machining customers there will be an option to plumb an external coolant line directly to the back of the sleeve using a standard ½ NPT or ½ BSP pipe fitting.

This also will give users the option to adapt external high-pressure pumps directly to a turret station to maximize pressure and flow for long/deep holes.

As manufacturers seek drilling solutions with faster penetration rates, drill bodies have evolved to meet their needs with added coolant inlets and outlets. In doing so, the traditional rear-pipe-tap method of inducing coolant may be lost in many cases.

At the same time, with continued innovation comes the risk of alienating those who have built their businesses centered around machinery that has stood the test of time. Because of this, the launch of the threaded lathe sleeves is “just another example of Allied’s continued effort to bring machine shops, small and large, into the new age of drilling,” explained John Weniger, product manager.

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