Kurt Manufacturing
Kurt DX6 with CARVESMART master jaws and machined aluminum jaw extrusions.

Quick-Change Vise Jaw System

June 1, 2023
Workholding system helps shops manage high-variability jobs with multiple parts running on a handful of machines.

KURT MANUFACTURING recently acquired Bellatex Ind. LLC, and now offers a full inventory of that company’s CARVESMART dovetailed quick-change vise jaw system. A new offering is the Kurt TriLock Vise with Carvesmart jaws.

“This is a really exciting addition to the Kurt Workholding product lineup,” according to president and CEO Ted Kuhlmann. “Carvesmart’s innovative design and Kurt’s scale are a perfect match to bring the quick-change system to a wider customer base and a complete product lineup including machine-ready vises.”

“The Carvesmart dovetailed jaw system was created to help shops manage high-variability jobs with multiple parts running on a handful of machines,” said Bill Ehnstrom, Carvesmart founder. “The dream was always to produce not only great accessory jaw plates, but to bring a complete Carvesmart vise to market.”

The Carvesmart system will be available at kurtworkholding.com, through the existing distribution network, and at carvesmart.com during the changeover, to ensure a seamless transition for current customers.

Kurt Workholding’s new TriLock Vise with Carvesmart features a 3-in-1 vise design that can be a traditional 6-inch double-station vise, a single station vise or a large single station vise. The vise comes equipped with Carvesmart jaws with standard hard jaw plates installed and a second set of machinable aluminum jaw plates.

Learn more at www.kurtworkholding.com