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Left to right: Walter USA LLC MA230, MA320 and MA321 Advance solid carbide milling cutters for universal machining.

Expanded Line of Solid-Carbide Shoulder/Slot Mills

June 1, 2023
More than 3,000 tools are now available in inch sizes for universal machining, roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing.

WALTER USA has made available more than 3,000 new cutting tools in inch sizes, Walter takes the lead in solid-carbide milling. The offerings include the MA230, MA320 and MA321 Advance shoulder/slot mills for universal application.

The MA230 Advance solid-carbide milling cutting is for universal machining of steel, stainless steel, cast iron and high-temperature superalloys (ISO P, M, K and S workpiece groups) at the highest level. The tool’s unique edge prep enables stable and efficient cutting action. An eccentric relief provides an exceptionally strong cutting edge, and a proprietary coating allows for a higher cutting speed and extended tool life.

The MA230 Advance cutter is for high-performance roughing and finishing and enables reliable milling with an extremely high metal removal rate. Most sizes are available with either a standard or reduced neck. The diameter range is from 0.031 to 1.0 inch. These tools are available in 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 flute versions. For example, the 7-flute mill offers extreme metal removal rates delivered at full flute length and a 15% radial engagement for high-feed machining processes. The 9-flute mill is excellent for finishing tight tolerance walls.

The MA321/MA320 Advance solid-carbide milling cutters were also developed for machining ISO P, M, K and S workpieces. The multiple use tools are designed for roughing and semi-finishing in a single pass. The sinusoidal ground profile ensures optimal chip evacuation, outstanding heat resistance and minimal tool wear. The tools are ideally suited for milling ferrous materials with a medium hardness and appropriate for use when heavy cutting while still providing fine surface finishes. The diameter range is from 3/16 to 1.0 inch. The tools are available with a cylindrical shank in 4- and 5-flute versions.

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