GF Machining Solutions
AgieCharmilles CUT F 600 wire EDM machine.

Next-Generation Wire EDM Technology

May 4, 2023
Thermal stabilization, enhanced axis encoders, and improved ball-screw precision contribute to tight-tolerance part production control and flexibility, for ultraprecise machining and high surface finishes.

GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS describes its new AgieCharmilles CUT F Series machine that will launch later this year as “next-generation wire EDM technology.” The CUT F 600 Series provides manufacturers production control and flexibility for ultraprecise machining and high surface finish capability.

The new machine will be peviewed during the 2023 EASTEC event, May 16-18.

The series builds on decades of GF Machining Solutions wire EDM technology development: Thermal stabilization, enhanced axis encoders, improved ball screw precision, and machine designs that reduce the effects of leverage and vibration for tight-tolerance part production.

The CUT F 600 optimizes safe cutting processes thanks to GF Machining Solutions’ Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS) Spark Track platform. Also available is the optional iWire adaptive software module to reduce wire consumption and RFID SMART wire spools that store wire characteristics traceability-related data.

Users easily program the machines with the advanced UNIQUA human/machine interface (HMI) that combines optimal functionality and ergonomics for every skill level on a 19-inch vertical screen. The UNIQUA HMI adapts to either sequential or object-oriented programming and is compatible with all major CAD/CAM programs.

Also during EASTEC, GFMS will feature its Mikron MILL S 200 U vertical high-speed machining center with 5-axis machining capability. The machine is designed to achieve precision and surface quality and is well suited for tool and moldmaking, and other high-precision parts production such as watch-making and micro mechanics, electrode production, medical implants and devices, and fluidics.

For vibration damping and machining stability, the Mikron MILL S 200 U is built on a polymer concrete base and incorporates a robust 50,000 rpm spindle along with a separate cooling circuit for all linear axes and the circular swivel unit.

Micro machining and small part precision are achieved with the use of low tactile forces in the Z axis and precise laser optics for measuring very small tool diameters (from 25 mm to 20 mm.) Multiple tool storage configurations are available with 30, 60, or 150 tool positions, and the Mikron MILL S 200 U accepts a full range of automation and tooling solutions from GF Machining Solutions to further increase productivity.

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