James Engineering
James Engineering MAX System™ CNC-type deburring and chamfering machine.

11-Axis Deburring and Chamfering Machine

April 13, 2023
Machine with two, five-axis heads and a C-axis rotary worktable uses servomotors to position heads via an X-Y overhead gantry, using shafts and carriers with multiple, preloaded bearings.

JAMES ENGINEERING revealed an automated alternative to traditional deburring and chamfering methods with its patented, 11-axis MAX System CNC-type deburring and chamfering machine that includes technology to increase speed and simplify programming, set-up, and operation. This machine consists of two, five-axis heads and a C-axis rotary worktable. Servomotors position the heads via an X-Y overhead gantry using hardened, chrome, ground shafts and carriers with multiple, preloaded bearings.

In addition, the MAX System features multiple nozzles delivering water-based coolant with a rust inhibitor at 200 gpm, noy only to keep the part and tools cool during an operation but also to wash the part and machine work zone. The two heads can perform finishing operations concurrently using various brushes and abrasive tools to minimize overall cycle times.

Both heads are fully customizable, with twelve types of tools available.

One of the main features of the MAX System is having the ability to store as many as 100 part programs, referred to as “recipes.” Individual operations can be chained together, to accelerate programming. The MAX is capable of such high precision that the developer calls it “Focused Deburring,” so that only the part or place on the part that requires finishing operations is touched, ensuring the finished product meets perfect standards.

When it comes to deburring and chamfering machine parts, it is vital to be able to create flawless work on a consistent basis. Due to its easy to learn nature and advanced technology, the MAX System is truly a game changer in the deburring and chamfering industry.

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