The RUD Tecdos TM 08/10-5 mold lifting/turning machine.

Lifting and Turning for Molds and Workpieces

March 16, 2023
Machine handles loads up to five metric tons efficiently, quickly, and safely.

RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz’s new RUD Tecdos TM 08/10-5 is a smaller version of its turning table machine capable of lifting molds and other workpieces weighing up to five metric tons and turning them gently and safely. The device accommodates up to five metric tons of heavy tools and moulds on the 80x100-cm table surface.

The turning table was developed for use by injection molding operations, but it also optimizes processes in tool and moldmaking, in stamping, bending and forming technology, in the automotive sector, electronics, and packaging manufacturing.

With its compact size, which requires a floor space of approximately 140x80cmx100 cm, the five-metric ton version of the RUD Tecdos TM saves space and can be moved by industrial truck, forklift, or crane.

Compared to tool handling with a crane, turning with the RUD Tecdos TM 08/10-5 is at least twice as fast and takes just half a minute. Plugs or cooling hoses, which often have to be removed during crane maintenance for safety reasons, can remain attached during maintenance with the innovative turnover device from RUD.

“The impetus for the development of our mold handling solutions all came directly from the market. This was also the case with our extension, the five-metric ton variant of the RUD Tecdos TM. This shows that the need and demand for efficient, safe and ergonomic handling solutions for moulds and tools of different weight classes is still high,” according to product manager Anne Kühling.

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