A key factor for efficient waterjet processing is the nozzles. With the new HyproJET portfolio, CERATIZIT sets new standards for quality and durability.

New Waterjet Nozzles for Quality and Durability

Feb. 9, 2023
HyproJET nozzles offer narrow hole tolerances for cutting and radial run-out accuracy – and improve the flow of abrasive material and air for cutting difficult materials.

CERATIZIT introduced the HyproJET series of waterjet nozzles, developed to emphasize product quality and durability.

In waterjet cutting, the cutting head directs a fine jet of water at high pressure of up to 6,000 bar, a jet diameter of 0.38 to 1.02 mm. In this stress-free cutting process, the material particles close to the surface are cut off without any heat being introduced into the material. It is an optimal process for cutting temperature-sensitive and thick materials with complex geometries.

“We developed our HyproJET range with three standard water jet nozzles to meet these needs: narrow hole tolerances, perfect cutting and radial run-out accuracy ensure precise working results,” explained Mesut Goksu, CERATIZIT segment account manager. The HyproJET X6 improves the flow of abrasive material and air in the nozzle and features a special design for cutting difficult materials.

For some materials to be machined, water alone is not sufficient as a cutting material. The system then mixes an abrasive, such as garnet or corundum, into the water jet. Particularly with demanding materials such as steel, stone, glass, or composites, abrasives are very efficient helpers. But as much as they support the cutting process, there disadvantages too, according to Mathieu Schellenberger, CERATIZIT project manager in product development. "They put a lot of strain on the focusing tubes due to erosion. Therefore, when redesigning the HyproJET products, we further improved the wear protection." Special carbide grades were used, so that HyproJET nozzles last for a long time even at pressures of up to 6,000 bar and achieve very high cutting qualities.

CERATIZIT manages every step of the manufacturing process, from carbide powder to the ready-to-use product, resulting in consistent product quality, precision, and best performance. In addition to the comprehensive waterjet nozzle portfolio, the company produces various mixing chambers made of special carbide grades to meet the different wear mechanisms within these chambers. Pistons for high-pressure pumps, spray discs, collecting cups, inlet guides, wear plates, throttle shields, and inlet pipes are also offered.

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