SprutCAM Tech Ltd.
SprutCAM X Robot software includes a library of nearly 700 models of robot mechanisms.

CAM Software for Robot Programming

Jan. 19, 2023
Set-up and simulation platform includes models for hundreds of devices and mechanisms from manufacturers of automation systems and peripheral devices.

SPRUTCAM TECH LTD.’s SprutCAM X Robot software includes models of almost 700 robot mechanisms from the most widely available robot manufacturers, and provides a convenient and natural programming environment that simulates the interaction between an engineer, robot, tool, and product as closely as possible.

To develop a control program for an industrial robot and simulate all robot functions in a virtual environment, a technologist-programmer needs to create a realworld cell with robot equipment and production components in a CAM system or integrate a cell from external software.

The Machine Maker add-on, a zero-code robot cell builder for SprutCAM X, allows manufacturers and integrators to quickly create an accurate digital twins of any robotic cell using an online library that supports the largest selection of industrial robot brands.

The online Robot library now includes 675 components from brands such as KUKA, Fanuc, ABB, TeknoMotor, AMB (Kress), SCHUNK, OnRobot, Joulin, Schmalz, Regal, Universal Robots, Güdel, Meltio, among others:
 Robots, including heavy-duty and cobots;
 Single axis, 2-axis and 3-axis positioners;
 Actuators, including moving grippers (end effectors);
 Fixed objects such as tables, controllers, and fencing.

The developer team at SprutCAM Tech keeps the library up-to-date with the most popular equipment.

Learn more at www.sprutcam.com

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