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The L-703B Self-Centering Bore Alignment System.

Self-Centering Bore Alignment System

Dec. 8, 2022
Compact, versatile, and adaptable system streamlines alignment of engine blocks, compressor bores, cylinder bores, shaft bearing bores, stern tubes and more.

HAMAR LASER INSTRUMENTS INC. released the upgraded L-703B Self-Centering Bore Alignment System that uses the L-703B laser variant of its compact, versatile L-703 laser, introduced earlier this year.

The L-703B system makes bore alignment easier and up to 75% faster than competing systems. The new laser replaces the L-705 laser for applications where the laser is mounted externally. Smaller and lighter than the L-705, the L-703B works with Hamar Laser’s patented, self-centering targets that require only one measurement per bore. Applications include engine blocks, compressor bores, cylinder bores, shaft bearing bores, stern tubes and more.

“In addition to the new bore laser, our L-703B self-centering bore alignment system includes our new L-112 laser mounting stand and L-103 optical beam translator,” stated Rod Hamar, president. “The new laser and accessories facilitate alignments in smaller spaces, speed setups and have allowed us to significantly reduce the package pricing. Rounded out with our patented, self-centering targets, there is no better system than the L-703B for high-accuracy bore alignment.”

As well as being faster and more affordable, the L-703B system offers a resolution of 0.00004 in. (0.001 mm) and much higher accuracy and repeatability than competing products. Also, it is easier to use and requires less training. A bore alignment survey takes only 15 minutes.

The L-703B self-centering bore alignment system includes these design upgrades:
  The new design reduces both the size and weight of the laser significantly.
  With different accessories and a firmware upgrade, the L-703B can be adapted to several other applications, such as extruder alignment, guideway alignment, and lathe and spindle alignment.
  The L-703B now features a built-in, rechargeable lithium-Ion battery with 11 hours of continuous battery life, replacing the older L-705 laser’s external battery pack.
  The new L-112 laser mounting stand is improved over the previous L-111 stand, and offers horizontal coarse translation and vertical angular adjustment, which speeds laser set-ups.
  The new L-103 is easier to use than the L-102 translator, its predecessor, and is much smaller, making it easier to fit the L-703B and L-103 into tight spaces.

The L-703B laser supports the entire series of 2-axis cabled bore targets when used with the R-1307 readouts, and supports Hamar’s R-358 computer interface when used with those targets.

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