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FARO® Vantage Max laser tracker.

Laser Trackers for Large-Volume 3D Measurement

Oct. 13, 2022
Two new devices perform comprehensive measurement up to 80 meters, streamlining processes and reducing inspection cycle times and ensuring complete confidence in the results.

FARO®, developer of 4D digital-reality technologies, announced the release of the new Vantage Max laser tracker, now available in two models, the VantageS6 Max and the VantageE6 Max.

The VantageS6 Max and VantageE6 Max laser trackers offer comprehensive, large-volume 3D measurement up to 80 meters, streamlining processes and reducing inspection cycle times while ensuring complete confidence in the results. The new laser trackers maximize “six degrees of freedom” (6DoF) measurement capabilities through the optional 6Probe, enabling precise measurement of hidden areas and small features.

Previously, users relied on a spherically mounted retroreflector laser tracker SMR to measure high accuracy points. In order to take these measurements, the user would select an appropriate target nest and have line of sight.

With the higher accuracy of the Vantage Max, users can probe more points beyond the line of sight and without tooling changes, using an SMR only for alignment points and ultra-precision measurements. The result is a productivity improvement of 20% compared to lower accuracy probes.

The 6Probe is a 6DoF solution that meets the dynamic measurement, speed, and accuracy requirements of the most challenging industrial applications. With kinematic self-identifying styli, users can change probing tips quickly and measure without any recalibration, plus measure hidden areas outside of the tracker's line of sight with wide acceptance angles. In fact, the typical user of the new Vantage Max can save at up to 60 minutes of time on any given workday.

For operations that want to increase their throughput while maintaining high inspection accuracy with a 3D metrology option, the new Vantage Max laser tracker system is the optimal choice.

Learn more at www.faro.com

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