The Marposs M62 laser gear inspection system uses laser profile sensors and the optical triangulation principle for fast adaptation for inspecting a variety of gear sizes and shapes in a very short time.

New Tech for Testing, Measuring, and Inspection

Aug. 17, 2022
Manufacturing’s move to e-mobility has meant a new focus on Industry 4.0 software functionality, as well as new capabilities in tool-setting and monitoring, laser measurement and inspection, and more testing and measurement capabilities.

MARPOSS – exhibiting at IMTS 2022, booth 135621 – is extending its testing, measuring, and inspection technologies to focus on developing new software that meets manufacturers’ Industry 4.0 requirements.

The new MAINDO digital platform integrates all of the data being captured from the various Marposs' monitoring, measuring, testing and other device/solutions on display at IMTS, combining quality and process information into a single, holistic process monitoring view, providing the ability to learn and improve, interact with key users and maximize performance.

The new SmartNet modular network of sensors connected in a daisy- chain configuration is able to acquire measurements over 50 times faster than any other solution now available.

Also on display will be a Fanuc Robodrill equipped with Mida tool setters, probes and Marposs’ Genior Smart Manufacturing real-time monitoring solutions will be running throughout the show. Drilling, tapping and milling tools will be evaluated as part of the process optimization and data-driven manufacturing. Data will be captured and streamed through the MAINDO network.

For optical/laser measurement and inspection, Marposs will demonstrate the OptoCloud EDU (Electric Drive Unit), a 3D precision inspection system. Multiple laser heads in tandem with contact sensors are able to reconstruct the 3D model of complex and articulated workpieces in less than a minute.

Also, the new M62 laser gear inspection system using laser profile sensors and the optical triangulation principle for easy adaptation to inspect a variety of gear sizes and shapes in a very short time.

Marposs testing and measurement technologies on display will include the e.d.c. LT400 partial discharge measurement system that identifies 100% of defects, including latent ones, that could generate e-motors failure after short operating times.

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