The Re-Light optical measuring machine

Optical Measuring Machine for Flat and Cylindrical Parts

Aug. 11, 2022
A single device for components of all shapes, with automatic rotation making it possible to measure every side of a part in one complete cycle.

The METRIOS Re-Light optical measuring machine provides users with a single device for components of all shapes, flat and cylindrical. Its automatic rotation function allows it to measure every side of a part in one complete cycle. Representing a new generation of optical measuring machine that makes quality control even easier, the Metrios Re-Light is robust for use in shop-floor production environments.

Metrios Re-Light offers a wide working field, fast measuring speeds and an industrial 17-inch multi-touch screen for clear visibility and simple operation.

Measuring on the shop floor supports rapid intervention that ensures the process does not go out of tolerance, avoiding costly waste.

Central to the new machine’s impressive capabilities is its automatic rotation function. Capable of collecting both static and dynamic measurements using a single instrument, users not only enjoy short cycle times, but also the assurance that these times will be repeatable, which helps to provide accurate component costings. Furthermore, customers obtain all of the results in a single Metrios report, simplifying the entire quality control process whatever the industry: automotive, aerospace, medical, dental, watchmaking or any other precision engineering sector.

Another notable feature of the Metrios Re-Light optical measuring machine is guided part orientation for precise positioning and the elimination of operator error.

Accuracy is assured thanks to the use of proven Metrios technology based on high-resolution camera and three different lighting systems. Through a motorized ring light, the Metrios Re-Light can change the angle of lighting incidence on the part and provide different angles of light source within the same measurement cycle.

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