The OMAX Corp. OptiMAX 60X precision jet-machining center.

New Water-Jet Machining Center

July 27, 2022
The OptiMAX 60X is called “world’s most accurate water-jet,” with a large cutting envelope and ±0.001 in. linear-position accuracy.

OMAX CORP. will demonstrate the latest model OptiMAX series precision jet-machining center at IMTS 2022 – booth 236222. The developer calls its OptiMAX 60X “the culmination of three decades of engineering expertise and experience, resulting in the world’s most accurate water-jet.

The OptiMAX 60X has a cutting envelope of 10 ft 10 in. x 5 ft 2 in. (3,302 mm x 1,575 mm), achieving ±0.001 in. (±0.025 mm) linear-position accuracy. The IntelliTRAX abrasive-jet linear drive system provides 350 in./min. (8.9 m/min.) traverse with real-time, closed-loop positioning feedback. The 12-in. (305-mm) programmable Z axis travel is designed to offer the lowest ceiling height requirement in the industry.

The OptiMAX series is provided with OMAX’s Rapid Water Level Control for clean, safe, and quiet submerged cutting of most work below 80 dBA.

Water-jet cutting will not induce heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses in the workpiece, and is effective for machining a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from metals and composites to glass and plastics. No tool changes are required, and minimal fixturing is needed, reducing set-up times compared to standard cutting processes.

OMAX offers unlimited free training for the life of a machine, and unlimited software upgrades for the life of the machine. Every machine delivery includes three days of onsite training upon installation. The OptiMAX 60X is backed by a two-year / 4,000-hour limited warranty.

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