Tormach Inc. Automatic Tool Changer for its 24R CNC router.

New Automatic Tool Changer for CNC Router

July 21, 2022
The new 10-tool ATC lets operators multitask and reduces potential errors as well as scrap parts.

TORMACH INC., a supplier of affordable and compact CNC machines, introduced a new Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for its 24R CNC router. The new ATC features an ISO20 ATC spindle with a 10-tool rack and automatic lifting dust shoe.

The ATC rack holds 10 tools with a maximum diameter of 1.75 in. and maximum tool gauge length of 4.25 in.

The ATC is integrated into Tormach’s PathPilot CNC controller.

The 24R CNC router is designed to accurately cut a wide variety of materials including woods, plastics, aluminum, and other materials; It’s well suited for woodworking, sign making, and similar project. With an advanced control, rigid cast-iron bed, welded steel stand, water-cooled chiller, integrated vacuum table, and more than a 2x4-ft work envelope, it is a reliable choice for 2D and 3D cutting needs.

“The new ATC is designed for maximum efficiency,” according to Reid Halvorson, lead engineer for the 24R ATC. “It makes operators’ lives easier by giving them the ability to multitask. And since the machine can automatically change tools, it reduces potential operator errors as well as scrap parts.” 

The ATC also features repeatable tool lengths, which provides faster tool changes. The new lifting dust shoe feature allows users to check the router’s cutting action while the machine is running and leading into a cut.

The 24R ATC has a 1.5-kW spindle capable of 10,000-24,000 rpm. The liquid-cooled spindle has an ISO20 taper and Integrated Power Draw Bar, with PDB open sensor and positive air-pressure spindle nose seal.

All Tormach products are supplied with free remote technical support.

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