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Methods’ three-axis MV 600H vertical machining center.

Compact, Versatile Three-Axis VMC

July 21, 2022
The small footprint, high-end features, large workpiece envelope, and powerful torque work together to present an all-purpose machine for any job or any material, for any industry.

METHODS MACHINE TOOLS recently released the three-axis MV 600H vertical machining center, with a compact design, high-end features, expansive workpiece envelope, and powerful torque working together to present an all-purpose machine tool that can handle any job, any material, for any industry.

The MV 600H’s standard features include a 24-capacity automatic tool changer; 19 hand-scraped surfaces for long-term precision and fluid movements; and a BIG-PLUS, dual-contact, 40-taper spindle for improved tool life, surface finishing, and rigidity.

“Job shops must have every inch of floor space pulling its weight,” explained Darren Wall, Methods product manager. “We realized there was an underserved need in the market for flexible, compact machines. That’s why we introduced the MV 600H. It’s packed with sophisticated features and leading design principles, but small enough to fit in any corner of your shop so it can start adding to your bottom line immediately.”

The MV 600H has a solid box-type guideway on the Z-axis for better vibration dampening and heavy-duty cutting, as well as nimble cylindrical roller guideways on the X- and Y-axes, for faster table speeds and improved accuracy. Machines that implement both types of guideways give machine shops the perfect combination of high-speed machining and superior rigidity.

“You won’t have to sacrifice rigid cuts for quick rapids,” according to Wall. “It’s a well-rounded workhorse that can shift jobs on a dime and start contributing to your operation on day one. Any shop that installs a MV 600H will immediately recognize it as a cornerstone machine, thanks in part to its distinct coat of red paint.”

Other features include a thermal compensation system, including a spindle oil chiller, enabling consistent, precise cuts; oil/air spindle lubrication for longer spindle life. The 30-HP (15 min.) direct drive, hollow shaft FANUC alpha-series spindle motor delivers 111 foot-pounds of torque.

The X and Y axes are capable of 2,362 inches per minute (IPM) for swift, smooth movements. A 200-block “look ahead” allows optimized feed rates, accuracy and productivity.

Developed by Methods and manufactured by Litz Hitech Corp., the MV 600H is the result of decades of engineering and service experience packaged in a compact, powerful machine to address midmarket machining demand.

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