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A Hommel & Keller Quick® knurling and marking tool.

Knurling and Marking Tools

June 16, 2022
H+K tools for both form knurling and cut knurling are available for use on a range of workpiece diameters, including small tools and medical, aerospace, and automotive components.

PLATINUM TOOLING TECHNOLOGIES, an importer and distributor of live tools, angle heads, marking tools, Swiss tools, and multi-spindle tools manufactured by various global suppliers, is offering the QUICK® knurling and marking tools from HOMMEL & KELLER, and established manufacturer of tools that combine function, precision, stability, and quality.

The QUICK product portfolio offers innovative options for various knurling technology applications. For both form knurling and cut knurling, QUICK fulfills stringent quality standards and masters difficult tasks.

Knurling tools are available for use on a wide range of workpiece diameters, including small tools for Swiss-type lathes from Ø 1.5 mm.

Examples include medical and dental instruments, watches, fishing gear, windshield wiper shafts, barbells, screwdriver bits, fittings, connectors plus welding and cutting equipment.

QUICK marking tools make it possible to mark workpieces in seconds on a variety of surfaces and part geometries.  Through single marking segments, the marking text can be individually customized. Tools are available in two diameters for interchangeable lettering, as well as custom logos.

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