GenQuick brand quick-change ER system.

Quick-Change Toolholding for Swiss Machines

May 12, 2022
The GenQuick tooling system helps new or experienced users achieve faster set-ups and tool changes using toolholder adaptors and quick-change modules that can be preset.

GENEVIEVE SWISS INDUSTRIES – GenSwiss – a supplier of tools and accessories for small parts and CNC Swiss machining, introduced the new ‘GenQuick’ brand quick-change ER system for CNC Swiss machines and precision machining equipment.

“Even prior to a post-COVID job market, it was very difficult to find qualified operators capable of setting up and running CNC equipment to the level of precision that is necessary to meet most production requirements,” said Scott Laprade, GenSwiss tech and applications supervisor.

“The newly redesigned GenQuick tooling system helps new users as well as seasoned veterans achieve faster setups and tool changes through the use of tool holder adaptors and quick-change modules that can be preset and are based on the ER standard tool holding system.”

Base tool-holder shanks are available from GenSwiss in diameters to suit most Swiss machine model’s ID working tool positions. They also work in conjunction with the GenQuick adaptors to make changing of drills, boring bars, and other round shank tools easier for the machine operator. Additionally, tooling for each working shift can be pre-set using GenQuick adaptors and modules. This lowers the scrap rate attributed to tool offset errors after a tool change.

GenQuick adaptors are available in ER16 to ER11 for drilling operations and in ER16 and ER20 for boring operations. All adaptors for boring operations have a locating pin for self-orienting the radial and axial positing of boring bars. Be on the lookout for future GenQuick products that are in development from GenSwiss.

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